Most people know that a stroke can cause life long physical and mental deficits. They hear about strokes and see billboards providing helpful information regarding when to seek care. However, most people still do not understand stroke prevention and control. Here we will take a quick look at some information regarding strokes.

What is a Stroke?

A stroke can take two paths. A clot can form in an artery of the brain and block blood flow to that area. The loss of blood flow and oxygen to that part of the brain causes brain cells to die. This is called a stroke. A stroke may also be caused when a blood vessel ruptures and blood spills into an area of the brain. The spilled blood disrupts normal blood flow and deprives the area of oxygen resulting in a stroke. Regardless of the cause, a stroke results in loss of brain cells. There are varying degrees of strokes based on the amount of damage they cause. Sometimes the damage is only temporary, while at other times, it is catastrophic and permanent.

Who is at Risk?

Older adults have an increased risk of strokes. Anyone over 55 years old will double his or her stroke risk every 10 years. Approximately 2/3s of all the strokes occur in people over 65 years old. Women are at greater risk than men are. Smokers and those on birth control pills have a significantly higher risk of stroke than those who are not. One-third of the strokes in the U.S. occur in women who are 65 years old and younger. African-American women have the highest risk factors of the major ethnic groups in the U.S. Men and women who live in the Southeastern U.S have a higher risk of strokes than those living in other areas of the U.S.

Prevention Is the Key

Nothing works better than prevention. It is essential that people discuss their stroke risks with their health care providers. Know the symptoms, know the risks and take action. Smokers need to take steps to stop. Those with medical risks such as hypertension and diabetes have to take responsibility for reducing their risk. Self-monitoring and care is essential. A physician cannot prevent a stroke. Only the individual can change his or her health behaviors. Exercise and proper diet really are the keys to maintaining overall general health and for decreasing stroke risk.


Everyone should know the symptoms and seek help immediately. Quick medical care can significantly decrease the effects of the stroke. Medical therapies such as clot-busting drugs can restore blood flow and oxygen if started in a timely manner. Waiting to seek treatment only ups the chances of lingering or permanent disability. The longer the brain goes without oxygen the more cells that die. The death of these cells causes the physical symptoms associated with a stroke. The goal of treatment is to restore blood flow and save brain cells. Sudden onset of blurred vision, garbled speech, disorientation, or numbness is a medical emergency and need immediate treatment. Call 911 to get help on the way.

Ongoing Care

Those who do suffer a stroke can benefit from the improved care and outcomes the health care community has to offer. Quick access to acute care can restore blood flow and minimize damage. Intensive rehabilitation therapies such as speech, physical, and occupational therapies can assist the patient to return to a functional lifestyle. The underlying disease process and risk factors will still have to be addressed. If the person is unwilling to change risky health care choices, chances are they will have another stroke. It is up to the person whether they are willing to make the necessary changes to decrease stroke risks. All the therapists and doctors cannot compensate for a persons unwillingness to change behaviors. However, if they are willing to change, a lot can be done to decrease the chances of a second stroke. Teaching the patient and his or her family how to manage the underlying risk factors effectively is the most successful approach.
A stroke can happen in spite of taking all the precautions possible. However, anything that can be done to decrease the risk is worth the effort to most people. Talk with a health care professional about personal risk factors, and then make a plan to start dealing with them. Educate those around you about the signs and symptoms of a stroke and the appropriate response to the symptoms. With just a little diligence and dedication, those with high-risk factors can improve their chances of stroke prevention and control and eliminate or minimize any deficits in the event of a stroke.

It’s a dream comes true for hikers to walk through Spanish perinneos or Pyrenees. This wonderful hikers’ delight are parts of Girona, Barcelona from east to west including parts of Lleida, Navarra and Huesca adding some parts of Guipuzcoa of Basque Country. Backpackers from apartment in Dubrovnik, apartment Zagreb and Apartment in Sydney come here to savor the joy of walking through these magnificent mountain ranges.

What attract backpackers in these mountain ranges are the abundance of mineral springs and hot springs in the area and the stunning views of the bordering lands. Amazingly glaciers here are confined and concentrated on the northern slopes and unlike those of the Alps do not go down into the valley and but stretch along the mountain range.

Mountaineering is the favorite sport here as well as skiing during winter time. The most awaited Vuelta a Espana is held here during the months of September and with its high mountain peaks, it is the most crucial leg of the cycling tour. These high mountain peaks have marked and unmarked walking trails attracting more than thousands of hikers and mountaineers around the world.

Pyrenees walking tours are also available and it is recommended that beginners sign up for a tour than go on their own exploring the Pyrenees. Walking tours have guide that are familiar with the region’s trails and walking routes along this mountain ranges. Routes may vary depending on the tour group’s itinerary but most pass through forts and castles.  There are also National Parks and protected areas that must be avoided. Most of walking tours are for a week long walking experience. Luggage transfer is provided with free breakfast and packed lunch and dinner. Drinks are not provided but tolerated. Accommodation is for twin-sharing rooms with baths and toilet facilities.

Seasoned backpackers and hikers can go on solitude walking as long as they have familiarized themselves with the trails as routes are based on three sections walking routes.  Self-guided tour usually take GP10 as  the most convenient and safest  route which includes way marked paths with 100 meters of ascent and descent  enabling walking paths  seem like short distances.

Walking Pyrenees experience let you walk along the river, gradual climb through green and lush mountain slopes and walking through borders of France and Spain and walk back through the steep woodlands and descending into a valley. There are available skiing resorts and hotel accommodation in the area and food and drink is available in dining shops and cafes.

Embarking on Pyrenees journey one must have strict self-instilled discipline which is necessity for this kind of outdoor activity. Always carry light packs and don’t forget to bring along maps to guide you in your week long of walking galore. if you visit all of them you will be satisfied by the things you have seen and experienced.


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